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Dave Seabeck

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Colorado-based web designer Dave Seabeck has traveled many miles, both literally and figuratively, to arrive at his current career and skillset. With a professional painter for a father, Dave grew up learning how to observe and make sense of what he saw, a skill that translated into both an eye for design and a strong logical mind. Four years studying economics (and playing with spreadsheets) at Wabash College earned Dave two things: a Bachelor’s degree with honors and wanderlust to see exciting parts of the world. His jumping off point for seeing the world was a teaching gig in Japan with the JET Programme, where everyday life was an adventure full of new discoveries and each holiday was an opportunity to explore new places around the Pacific Rim.

Dave as a boy

Childhood Dave

After returning from Japan, Dave spent three years administering construction testing protocols with Ground Engineering Consultants, during which time the precise analytical part of his brain thrived and the creative half of his brain waited patiently for its chance to shine. He reached the point of needing further education to advance in the engineering field and ultimately faced the opportunity to consider a bigger change of course. After carefully weighing the options, Dave decided to pursue web design at Aims Community College. The decision has been a good one as it appeals to both Dave’s technical brain and his creative side.  Plus he gets to play with all sorts of fun electronic toys and exciting programs like Photoshop and Drupal. One of the things he likes best about this field is that there is always more to learn.

Through all the years and miles he has come to realize how much he likes his home turf in the Rocky Mountains.  Dave is an avid distance runner, a novice bass guitarist, and he enjoys a good movie.