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This page gives some explanation of what is happening behind the scenes in this site.


This site is designed using HTML5. To aid in cross-browser compliance, I used the HTML5 Shiv to help IE recognize the new tags used in HTML5. Pages were created using a custom template in Adobe Dreamweaver.


The basic layout of the site relies on the 960 Grid System and utilizes a sticky footer based on Ryan Fait's method. Web fonts come from Google Web Fonts. CSS3 rules for rounded corners, drop shadows, and transitions are designed to degrade gracefully in browsers that don't support them.


Image effects come thanks to jQuery and FancyBox.


Logo DevelopmentThe logo design developed through several stages using Adobe Illustrator. A significant factor in arriving at the current version is its ability to suitably reduce as a favicon, the small image you see in this tab on your browser window. The layout started as an Adobe Photoshop design that I converted to HTML.

Layout Development

My photo on the home page is another exmample of image inhancement using Photoshop.


Mouse over the image to see the change.